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Latest news

The result of the LGBT+ by-election is that our new LGBT+ Officer is Christopher Mergen.

Thank you to everyone who voted!

The full election results can be seen here: https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/cai-gcsu/14-15/lgbtofficer/

Following the successful constitution referendum, we're now holding a by-election to fill the newly created LGBT+ Officer full exec role for the remainder of the Exec term (i.e. until Lent Week 5).

We've had two candidates apply to be LGBT+ Officer: Jammy Churchouse, and Christopher Mergen.

Take a look at their manifestos, and come to Hustings at 7pm this Sunday evening (Sunday 22 Nov) in the JCR to ask them questions.

Voting will open Sunday night, and the results will be announced in the Bar at 9pm on Wednesday 26 November.

Voting link: https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/cai-gcsu/14-15/lgbtofficer/

The elections and referendum results are now in...

  • Our new Junior Treasurer is Ana Radomirescu
  • Our new Freshers' Rep is Alex Fayard
  • The referendum has been passed and so the proposed changes to the constitution have come into immediate effect. This means that we will be holding a by-election for the newly created LGBT+ Officer role next week.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted!