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As you may have heard, the college is trialling a 25% reduction on continuous accommodation (formally called 38 week rent) this year.

This offers a great deal for those who want to stay in the holidays or just store belongings to make moving in and out easier. If there is a good uptake it is likely that the college will make the reduction permanent.

  • Continuous accommodation allows you to stay in Cambridge for both the 4 week holidays at Christmas and Easter
  • The weekly rent is 25% less than during term time, so in total the cost is the same as 6 weeks worth of rent
  • Unlike vacation residence, you are guaranteed your term time room

If you would like to opt for continuous accommodation, email Wendy Fox at accommodation@cai.cam.ac.uk by Friday 31st October (first day of week 4).

(Note: Harvey Court and the Stephen Hawking Building are not eligible for continuous rent.)

Let me know if you have any questions,

Ewan Macpherson
Housing Officer

We're currently discussing the pricing of 38 week rent with college and it would be really useful to have your opinions.

Please take a moment to complete the survey which is applicable to you:

  • If you currently DO HAVE 38 week rent: Survey
  • If you currently DO NOT HAVE 38 week rent: Survey

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